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Each year, food banks in Missoula and Bozeman battle it out in conjunction with the annual Brawl of the Wild Griz / Cat football game and raise thousands of pounds of food for hungry families, just in time for the holidays. Our 14th Annual Can the Bobcats' food drive competition has commenced and although Missoula gave the drive their very best, we were defeated once again.

We nearly DOUBLED what we brought in last year with 54,656lbs of food and over $60,000 in cash resources for Missoula Food Bank. Despite our accomplishments, Bozeman pulled out the win yet again with more than 100,000 lbs of food and $40,000 cash. We had Bozeman scared, and they receipted more than 40,000 lbs in food on game day alone. With their big end-of-drive surge, we found ourselves coming up short yet again.   

I think we all know that there are no real losers here. The pounds and funds for Missoula Food Bank will help our neighbors who are struggling during a very difficult time of year.  The quality of the food we received this year has the food bank smiling from ear to ear. So much tuna fish, peanut butter, potatoes, onions, carrots, whole grain cereal, and enough flour, rice and beans to last us for some time! The impacts of this drive will help literally thousands of people in Missoula. 


Visit for updates on our events.